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In Gotoh Laboratory, we are studying image processing algorithm and its application, such as 'Medical Image Processing', 'Scene Analysis', and 'Human-machine Interface'. We are also making a study of a computer aided translation system to produce Braille Music Scores.

We would like to introduce some of our research activities, as following. Click the following links, <<Result>>, the movies of processing results with AVI format can be observed. However, note the amount of each file is rather large. Accesses via narrow band are not recommended.

Eye Movement detection
Eye Movement detection and its Applications
We have developed an Algorithm for an Eye Tracking System with Self-Calibration, and proceed researches to realize a human interface for computer alternative to mouse.

<<Eye Tracking System(1.4MB)>>
Results using our prototype system can be seen from this link.
Medical Image Reconstruction

Medical Image Processing
Collaborative Researches in 3D medical image processing and CAD systems are proceeded with Medical School of Yokohama City University and Kanagawa Cardiovascular and Respiratory Center.

<<Heart-beat Synchronous Pattern Analysis(972KB)>>
Results for analyzing Heart-beat synchronous pattern while tracking respiratory movement is presented.

<<Respiratory Movement Tracking System(1.8MB)>>
We have developed a lung field tracking system of time sequence MR images based on analysis of the respiratory movement.

<<Spatio-temporal Reconstruction of Lung MR Images(3.9MB)>>
A method of 3D reconstruction from time sequence 2D slice images have been researched with Sao Paulo Univ.. The results would be introduced form this link.
Vehicle Recognition
Vehicle Recognition(Intelligent Transfer System)
We have been researching two kinds of methods for vehicle type recognition is researched. An on-board sensor information interaction to recognize vehicle types using the multiple structure neural network was developed. Recently, we have researched an integrated multiple sub-space method method for vehicle model type recognition.

<<Forwarding Vehicle type Recognition(780KB)>>
Results of vehicle type recognition using the on-board sensor information integration by the multiple structure neural network is presented on the link..
Surface Measurement for Stone Instruments
Surface Measurement for Stone Instruments
Chipped stone tools including obsidian, excavated at archeological sites, have features such as outline, rings, and fissures on the flaked surfaces.  It is necessary to accurately delineate the features of stone artifacts in order to implement their analysis and computer-automated illustration and matching.  The specular reflective surfaces such as obsidian was difficult to measure.   A vision-based method of measuring the surface form of stone implements is researched.

<<Results of Surface Measurement(500KB)>>
Results of lighting simulation based on the measurement of stone instruments are shown in this link.
Braille Music Score Translation
Braille Music Score Translation System
Braille music transcription from MusicXML format to Braille system will improve accessibility to music scores via the Internet. We have researched the transcription algorithm and are now offering the prototype server.

<<Link for BMS Translation System (BrailleMUSE)>>
Users need a userid/passwd to access this server. When you want to try the system, refer to the page from this link.

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